About Rotary
Baldwin's Rotary Club includes and welcomes members of all ages, walks of life, religions, and so on. If you like to have fun, learn things about your community and the whole wide world, and do good work that helps make our community and our world a better place, we invite you to come on and visit.
Much of the work Rotarians do affects people's lives and involves being in a position of trust. Therefore we abide by the Rotary 4-way test, and we hold ourselves to a high ethical standard.
Internationally, Rotary is probably most famous for leading the decades-old drive to eradicate polio, worldwide. So far Rotary has paid for the deliver of over 2 billion doses of polio vaccine. We are "this close" to eliminating this devastating scourge - wiping it out forever.
There are many good service and social clubs to choose from. Rotary is the only one whose membership is growing. Why? See for yourself. If you are an ethical person who cares about your community and our world, and like to meet and have fun with other good people, we invite you to join us. One last note: in becoming a part of Rotary, you will be working, dealing, and socializing with people unlike  yourself. For we welcome people of all ages (yes, Rotary has a club for teenagers), creeds, political parties, races, and so on.